Mother’s Day at the farm

Wow, officially we are at the breaking point for our Nursery.   For a Nursery, Mothers day is like Black Friday; we have planned all year on this target date, and so much work goes into what you see at the farm for sale right now.  Months ago we planted our seeds, tomatoes, and flower baskets knowing this would would be the date we need to have things ready for sale. I think just about any Nursery would agree, Mother’s Day is a blessing of a holiday for a business like ours. Made me think of a great article I found about the  wisdom of people who surround their homes with great flowers.

Lavender, pansies, impatiens, oh my!

Research reveals that plants and flowers can contribute to better physical, mental and emotional health. Think about it. When you enter a room filled with flowers how do you feel? Do the words “pleasure,” “contentment,” “satisfaction,” and “comfort” describe the effect that flowers have on you? For 98% of the population, they do! In fact, just the presence of a beautiful floral arrangement can brighten your mood, relieve tension, and even change the course of your day. A Rutgers University study linked flowers with happy emotions and increased intimacy with family and friends, and other research has found that flowers in the workplace heightens creativity and problem-solving skills.

Happy Planting, and Happy family times.

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