Guest Blog: You can pickle!

Hello folks, I’m Audrey. I’m the manager of the Arlington Farmers’ Market, and I’ve been a big fan of Garden Treasures since 2010 when I began working with this awesome farm at the market.

I love love filling my pantry with home-canned goods full of summer flavor to enjoy all winter long. Pickling is a quick ticket to a vibrant green pantry shelf, and it’s easy to boot.

There are lots of great recipes out there to give you the exact measurements and components of pickling, but I just thought I’d share a few photos from my pickling afternoon to get your inspiration going, plus a few tips.

photophoto (6)

photo (3)photo (4)

photo (7)photo (5)

1. You do not have to boil and process your pickles. Just make one or two jars, fill em up, and leave em in the fridge. They are ready to eat when they taste good. Easy as pie.

2. You can pickle more than just cucumbers! Try cauliflower, carrots, onions, garlic–you name it. (I’ve even heard of pickled watermelon rind–that’s using the whole harvest!)

3. Get lots of flavors going. You can put sliced hot peppers into a few jars, overload on garlic in a few jars, add a cinnamon stick to a few jars. They’re your pickles–please yourself.

4. Don’t worry about it! Your vinegar brine is a great bacterial barrier. Wash and sterilize before you begin, and don’t overfill your jars, and you are in the clear. Preserving food is not as risky as it seems before you try it.

Alright folks, now it’s your turn! Get pickling and post your colorful pantry shots to Garden Treasures’ facebook page or the farmers’ market’s Pinterest. Love local!

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  1. Brittney tipp says:

    Loved reading this ! And I love pickles ! I’m a farmers market weekly shopper, its one of my favorite thing about hawaii . Year round markets 🙂 I don’t ever go to the grocery store now, So I love new ideas,

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