The Evolution of a CSA

Each winter, we reflect on the successes and challenges of last year’s CSA season with an eye for improvement. Each year, we help the CSA to evolve as it needs to for the sustained growth of the farm.

This year is no different. Here’s a quick rundown of the changes you’ll see this year and why:

1. We have had to stop our expanded CSA delivery drop site locations for this year as it did not work out for our small family farm. As our membership increased, our need to stay at the farm and manage the crops became more and more important. We feel the experience picking up the farm is better, as the choices are expanded, and the community aspect of the farm is more in line with the type of CSA we want to have long term. We will still offer pickup locations at our farmers market booth in Snohomish and Lake forest park, or the Everett Sno-Isle Co-op only.

2. This year we are offering payment offering of 1 or 3 payments instead of 4. Also, all members must have a positive account balance to receive a share of the harvest. Despite everyone’s good intentions, we spent way too much time tracking down members who thought they were paid forward but weren’t. We hate being bill collectors, and we’re sure fewer installments will help with this problem.

We hope these changes will allow us to spend more time doing what we do best: growing clean food for the people.

Thanks for being with us!

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