Raw Sprouts in Your Kitchen!

This spring we’ve stocked the farmstand with seed sprouting kits from High Mowing Seeds, our organic supplier for crop seed.

In cooler climates like ours, off-season produce is a locavore’s dirty little secret. Much as we passionately believe in a local food economy, we just can’t wait until May for abundant greens! We need the fiber!

Enter seed sprouting. With just a mason jar and ventilation lid, you’ll eat nutrient dense seed sprouts in as little as 2 days. Low in fat and cholesterol-free, sprouts are a great way to ramp up the vitamin content of your food when the winter doldrums take their toll.


Sprouting is a fun activity for kids, who’ll enjoy the taste and crunch of their own project.

Stop by the farmstand and get sprouting!


A few links to get you started:

How to video from High Mowing Seeds

Instructions by Sprout People

Making a sprout garden from a dishrack and mason jars on The Urban Gardener

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