Why You Should Eat Local for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming…have you put together your local food inspired menu yet?
Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year to enjoy locally grown food. Not just for the tradition, but the flavor!

5 Fall Garden Tips for Next Year’s Gorgeous Garden!

Fall is a great time for garden chores that will result in a gorgeous, more bountiful garden next year.

A Growing Garlic Guide For Garlic Lovers!

by Georgie Smith, farmergeorgiewrites@gmail.com It’s fall. Got your garlic planted yet? Growing garlic is a fun and rewarding crop for most any home gardener. Follow a few basic rules and garlic is a pretty easy crop to grow. It does, however, take some patience, proper planning and a few key strategies to get the right…

Don’t Forget! 5 Essential Summer-Time Tips for Northwest Gardens

by Georgie Smith, farmergeorgiewrites@gmail.com It’s FINALLY acting like summer in the Pacific Northwest. Time to kick-back and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your spring-time labors in the veggie garden, right? Not so fast…. Mid-summer gardening is one of the most critical times to keep on top of your garden chores. Unless you don’t care if…

5 Reasons You Must U-Pick This Summer

by Georgie Smith, farmergeorgiewrites@gmail.com Summer is in full swing and the bounty of your local farm community is at full production peak for the next few months.  Is there any better way to enjoy and cherish the harvest days than going out and u-picking some of it yourself? We think not.  Here are five reasons…