Why You Should Eat Local for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming…have you put together your local food inspired menu yet?
Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year to enjoy locally grown food. Not just for the tradition, but the flavor!

Five Quick Tips For Summer Harvest Local Food Preservation – No Canning Required!

Overwhelmed by the amazing bounty of summer-time fruit and vegetables but no time to can? Check out our 5 quick tips for preserving food – no canning involved! Solutions for food preservation that maximize fresh, local foods in the time you have!

5 Reasons You Must U-Pick This Summer

by Georgie Smith, farmergeorgiewrites@gmail.com Summer is in full swing and the bounty of your local farm community is at full production peak for the next few months.  Is there any better way to enjoy and cherish the harvest days than going out and u-picking some of it yourself? We think not.  Here are five reasons…