What’s a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it means just that. Each spring, farm supporters in our community come together to pledge their support for the farm, purchasing a share of the produce that we will grow. This provides much-needed early funding for up-front costs like seeds, inputs, and labor.  As the season progresses, CSA customers pick up a pre-paid share of organic veggies each week.

Check out our new blog post HERE to learn how to evaluate whether your CSA Farm Box “delivers the goods” as far as providing healthy, locally grown food and supporting your local farmers. OR…are you just buying a glorified grocery store delivery service?

Each share is seasonal, changing each week as new crops ripen.  Here are sample boxes of our Economy share last year:

Early SummerLate SummerAutumn
1 bunch scallions2 garlic bulbs3 leeks
1 kohlrabi bulb2 lbs potatoes3 lbs potatoes
1 bunch radishes2 white onions2 bunches carrots
2 bunches turnips2 cucumbers2 large beets
1 bunch garlic scapes1 eggplant1 bunch kale
1 bunch kale1 lb green beans1 bunch collards
½ lb mixed greens½ lb mixed greens3 winter squash
1 bunch herbs2 sweet, 2 hot peppers2 farmer’s choice apples
2 pints strawberries2 gala apples
3 bartlett pears

The pledge of loyal CSA customers keeps farms like ours afloat in the risky, expensive venture of spring. We begin the season with questions: If we plant it, will they come? The CSA model has become a vital part of the success of independent, diversified small farms, reversing the all-too-common disappearance of American agriculture.

Thanks to our CSA customers, Garden Treasures is able to begin each spring with more seeds, more labor, and more opportunity than we would otherwise be able to extend on our own. We enter the summer in partnership: We will plant it. They will come. Our subscribers enjoy the best prices on local, organic produce in exchange for their support.

Live in Western Washington? You can join us too! We have drop-sites in Snohomish and King Counties. Sign up for your share using farmigo here.

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